The production of the future

Dareto - Production integration

Standards as barrier breakers

The analysis of production data is an indispensable tool for controlling and improving production processes. Conventional applications usually have their own database, a specific proprietary interface and a 1:1 connection to production facilities. If data needs to be shared across applications, this is associated with considerable effort. Not only technical challenges have to be be mastered, but also the translation of the information from the properietary systems to a common data model. The focus of a digitialisation strategy should therefore be on removing barriers to innovation. This includes the standardisation of interfaces at the technological level and a standardisation of data semantics.


The central exposure of data via standardised APIs makes it accessible to a large number of applications. This enables rapid integration of innovative applications and the focus on the the business value of the data. At plant connectivity level it is important to implement industry standards such as OPC UA. This ensures independence from specific manufacturers and interoperability with other production control systems. Applications in a production-critical environment often have special requirements for latency, data volume, security and the connection of peripherals. To meet these requirements, sub-functions of an application must be executed as close as possible to production equipment. Edge computing bridges the gap between virtualised applications in the cloud and physical processes on the shop floor. It combines the flexibility of modern cloud architectures with the high quality demands of production and at the same time standardises the basic framework of local IT infrastructure.

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